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Our Investing Guide

Investing can often seem like a daunting endeavour, particularly for those new to the financial world or those looking to deepen their existing knowledge. To thrive in the world of investing, one must start with a solid foundation. This guide offers a structured, five-step approach, beginning with an introspective look at your investment personality and culminating in practical portfolio management tips. It's an essential read for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of investing with confidence and clarity. I'd recommend reading the below even if you are using an investing service or an adviser, professionals will struggle to help you if you can't help yourself.

1. Understanding You

Before you do anything to do with investing, you need to dig beneath the surface. Sure you probably have a good idea of who you are, but you've unlikely thought about who you are in the context of investing. The below articles should help you shine a light on yourself and explore who you are. Ultimately the biggest influence on your investment success is you.

Should You Invest? The Biggest Money Mistakes

Let's work out if you are actually ready to invest? And if not, we can at least make sure we are working to avoid the most common money mistakes.

Investing Priority One: Self-Awareness

We can't being your investment strategies without understanding your risk tolerance, investment horizon, behavioural biases, and financial literacy.

Investing in Peace: The Sleep-at-Night Factor

Taking your risk profile a step further, sometimes we must adapt financial theory to your personal risk profile for comfortable and worry-free investing.

Beyond Capital and into Decision Making

Focus on refining your decision-making process, as in the long term it's more crucial than the decisions themselves.

Overcoming Anchoring Bias in a World of Rising Rates

Explore strategies to overcome behavioural biases, especially anchoring bias in fluctuating interest rate environments.

2. Investing Basics

Successful investing starts with mastering the basics. This section is tailored for both newcomers to the financial markets and those seeking a refresher. This section unravels investment fundamentals, from simplifying diversification and 'fair value' concepts to illuminating the rhythmic patterns of stock markets, equipping you with the building blocks for informed decision-making. Whether you're just starting out or honing your knowledge, these foundational lessons are crucial in building a robust understanding of investment dynamics.

Diversification Fundamentals: Lessons from the Buffet

Learn key lessons in diversification strategies using food based analogies.

Is Fair Value Always Fair?

Examine the complexities and nuances of 'fair value' in investment contexts.

Stock Market Rhythms

Understanding the cyclical and patterned nature of stock market movements and their implications for you as an investor.

3. Portfolio Considerations

Once the foundational knowledge is in place, the focus shifts to constructing a tailored investment portfolio. This section is designed for individuals ready to translate their understanding into practical application. We compare popular investment options like diversified and single sector ETFs, offering a detailed analysis to educate and inform. The intricacies of currency hedging for international investing are explored and we challenge dynamic strategies in both active and passive investing. This part of the guide is instrumental in shaping a personalised investment approach, aligning with your financial goals and risk appetite.

VDHG vs Single Sector ETFs

Comparing the difference between Australia's most popular diversified ETF (Vanguard Diversified High Growth (VDHG)) with single sector ETFs for informed investment choices.

The King & Challenger: VDHG vs DHHF

A detailed analysis of two investment giants, Vanguard & Betashares and their star ETFs, VDHG and DHHF, highlighting their strengths and differences.

The Art of Currency Hedging

Exploring the nuances and strategies of currency hedging in international investing.

The Active World of Passive Investing

Unveiling the dynamic aspects within passive investing strategies, challenging the traditional notion of passivity in these investment approaches.

4. Implementation

With a firm grasp of your investment identity and the basics under your belt, the Implementation stage is where theory meets action. This is where you actualise your investment plans, whether you're making your initial foray or refining existing strategies. It features insights on which investment platforms and brokers are worth considering while teaching vital online security measures to protect your digital investment activities. This stage marks where the rubber meets the road, equipping you with the confidence and knowledge to place your first trade.

Why I Use Pearler

A personal perspective on utilising Pearler to implement effective investing strategies.

Betashares Direct: The Latest Entrant to Self-Directed Investing in Australia

Insights into Betashares Direct and its impact on the Australian self-directed investing landscape.

Journey Through the Stars: Spaceship Investing

Explore the popular and modern investment platform Spaceship, where we highlight more things to be cautious of than excited about.

Simple Steps to Protect Yourself Online

You now have more of your money in more digital places, learn essential tips for ensuring online security and protecting your digital investment activities.

5. Ongoing

Investing is an evolving journey, not a one-time event. The Ongoing stage underscores the importance of regular portfolio review and adaptation. It delves into the science of rebalancing, offering an evidence-based approach to keep your investments aligned with your goals. This stage equips you with the tools and knowledge for continuous growth and adaptation in your investment journey, ensuring your strategies remain effective and tailored to you.

The Science of Rebalancing

How often should I rebalance my portfolio? Delve into the strategic importance and understand an evidence based approach to portfolio rebalancing.

An In-depth Look at Australian & Global Economies & Markets

Want to stay up to date with what is happening in your portfolio? I provide a regular comprehensive analysis of the Australian and global economic and market trends.

Our Investing Guide is regularly updated to ensure it remains a relevant and valuable resource. If you have any queries or suggestions for additions, please don't hesitate to get in touch – your input is always welcomed.

Who We Are

Illuminvest was born out of helping friends and family take the first or next step in their investment journey. Rather than answer simply adhoc replying, why not spend a little more time exploring the bigger principles people were really asking about. Illuminvest is a project based on distilling timeless information about investing.

Founded and led by Daniel Rickard. You can follow my professional career on LinkedIn, my life outside of investing on Instagram, or occasional ramblings on X.

Why the Name, Illuminvest

The name is simple - a chopped together word that comes directly from our mission statement: Illuminate Investing. Our experiences have highlighted one of the biggest impediments to people investing is a lack of understanding, we are here to change this.